new year goals

i am not calling these resolutions. resolutions have the reputation of being done for a day, a week, or a month and then being given up on. nuh uh. not this year. i am making 3 new year goals, and only 3. they can be broken down into smaller goals, but only 3 overall.

1- be happy

wow, so orginal. be happy? okay then, let’s break it down.

spend more time in nature. read more books. take more relaxing baths. spend less time worrying. buy clothes that make you feel pretty. do a facemask. be extra. sleep more. be more dedicated. disconnect from the online world more. spend more time on self care. understand not everything is in your control. understand that this is your life and you are allowed to control who you talk to. cut out toxic people. know your worth (and then add tax). don’t let anyone make you feel unworthy. do what you love.

but meg, how are you going to do that?

spending more time in nature? easy. i live very close to a big park, and i can take a walk there whenever i want. i’ll read instead of scrolling on instagram for 2 hours. i’ll work out a consistent nighttime routine where a bath is part of that. i’ll put my phone on airplane mode more often.

we build up new year’s resolutions as a big scary thing, when really we should take baby steps.

2- eat healthier

again, this isn’t a new idea, but it’s a real problem for me. i need to sort out my eating.

i love food and i always have, but i haven’t always had a healthy relationship with it. as someone who has two rather major food allergies, it’s hard for me to find something i can eat anyway, but combine that with guilt about eating meat and being a fussy eater, and you’ve got one hell of a problem.

even more than that, if there’s fatty or unhealthy food in the house, i will self-sabotage with the food. i will eat a whole pizza even if i don’t want to. i’ll have a big slice of cake even though i know the sweetness will make me sick. i’ll look at my body and feel bad. lots of people feel good, because they enjoyed the food when they were eating it, but i don’t.

so how am i going to combat this? easy. a meal plan. sometimes my taste buds fluctuate throughout the week, but because i’m focusing on consistency this new year, i’m going to have to whip them into shape.

pinterest is my go-to place to find recipe ideas, so once it’s broken down, this one shouldn’t be too hard.

3- work smarter, not harder.

i’m what most people would call a workaholic. i’m an all or nothing type of gal, and i’ll work for hours at a time, or study how i met your mother all night.

so, with exams coming up far sooner than i would hope, a study timetable couldn’t do me any harm. i need to train my brain so working and studying is second nature. cheyenne barton did a video called how to work on bad days, which includes tips i use everytime i sit down to work, including having a ritual (making a cup of tea), tidying my workspace, and working in 20 minute chunks.

i think that’s just about all i have for my new year goals, so good luck to everyone, and i hope the rest of your december is christmassy and merry and bright!

love, meg x